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The first determining factor for liberty is having a place to live.

At House-Matic, we are on the side of liberty, and we fight for the dignity of all people. Africa yearns for both of these conditions, which should be inherent in the life of every human being, to be met.

We believe in the enormous potential of this great continent and in the worth of its peoples. That is why our commitment to them is entirely aimed at helping them to develop efficiently by building inhabitable spaces in which they can develop their full capacities.

We are Africa experts. We marvel at their lands and their peoples. And we are conscious of the important development work that we can do from House-Matic. This is undoubtedly an arduous task that is not without hardship. But it is challenges that motivate us.

Africa, with its 1.2 billion inhabitants spread among 54 nations, is a challenge for us; one that we can face thanks to the greatness of our dream, effort, drive, and long-standing international experience.

Underlying our work is a clear ethical principle; a belief in the rights and togetherness of all humans and a belief about taking on the huge responsibility of social development among peoples.

One Family, One Decent Home.

Only through unity, working shoulder to shoulder, we will be able to realise what our slogan states: "Together Building a Great Africa" and a more just society.