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Textile architecture for rapid deployment

We manufacture all kinds of products related to high-resistance textile architecture for military, civilian, and humanitarian aid uses in emergency situations:

  • Hangars and CBRN defence.
  • Inflatable multi-use shelters.
  • Tents made to order (any size and quality).
  • Large-size canopies.
  • Camouflage netting.
  • Aluminium structures.
  • PVC manufacturing using high-frequency welding.
  • All types of accessories for camps and field logistics.

Everything tailored to the needs, standards, quality, and measurements indicated by our client.

Rapid deployment inflatable tents and shelters

Rapid deployment shelters and tents
Rapid deployment shelters and tents
Rapid deployment shelters and tents

We have the most cutting-edge technology in the sector and we strictly adhere to European quality control standards: ISO 9001:2008 Quality, ISO 14001:2004 Environment, PECAL (AQAP) 2120 NATO.

House-Matic textile products optimise your international logistics costs, as they are light, easy to use, and can be shipped quickly, either in shipping containers or by air freight.

The textile shelters that we design and manufacture are tailored to the most remote and inhospitable environments on the planet, with maximum functionality and durability throughout their entire life cycle.

Rapid deployment and easy set-up. No skilled labour required.

Textile architecture
Textile architecture

We also fulfil personalized turnkey projects, making entire camps with life-sustaining facilities, hospitals, mobile clinics, canteens, kitchens, workshops, schools, hangars, and control centres, all tailored to the cultural traditions and customs of each nation.

For clients who need it, we also offer optional electricity-generation kit (solar kit or generators), water tanks, waste removal systems, etc.