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Prefabricated modular building systems

We are experts at turnkey solutions for anything involving modular construction.

Prefabricated modular construction
Prefabricated modular construction
Prefabricated modular construction

We carry out comprehensive international project management over the following phases:

  • Studying the client's needs and demands.
  • Project design, engineering, and costing.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Logistics and international shipping in containers.
  • Installation and assembly at the final destination, anywhere in the world.
  • Interior finishing of the modules (furniture, beds, appliances, etc.).

Long-standing experience in international projects, as shown by our project portfolio.

Prefabricated modular construction
Prefabricated modular construction


The HOUSE-MATIC system provides the solution to housing needs of all kinds through a revolutionary system of prefabricated modules which represents the future of greater innovation in the world of construction.

Owing to the use of this modular system, we can guarantee our clients express delivery, cost savings on international exporting and shipping, and minimal installation time to complete the housing, with no need for skilled labour to set it up.

Another advantage to this system is that it allows for these types of buildings to be set up at remote locations that are hard to access.

The solidness of the construction, its high thermal and acoustic insulation, and its compliance with the strictest European building and installation codes guarantee this technical solution.

Even though we can tailor the product to the individual needs of each client without any problem, manufacturing it according to the client's specifications, our modules have various standard measurements. Some of these are:

Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
Mod. HM23 2300 2350 2570
Mod. HM38 3840 2350 2570
Mod. HM58 5840 2350 2570
Mod. HM60 6000 2350 2570
Mod. HM78 7840 2350 2570
Prefabricated modular construction
Prefabricated modular construction
Prefabricated modular construction

Beyond these standard modules, multiple combinations can be created by joining and fitting them together horizontally and vertically (up to 4 storeys).

This system is completely modular and it ends up being easy to operate with a truck crane with lifting arm.


  • High-quality materials at very affordable prices owing to their industrial manufacture.
  • Some of the most competitive logistics costs on the market.
  • Maximum ease of international shipping and storage. Volume and load are optimised with the 40’ High Cube container.
  • Walls and roof are well insulated thermally and acoustically. Completely waterproof modules.
  • Pre-installed electrical wiring.
  • Hidden electrical wiring.
  • Power outlets and electrical switches come pre-installed (tailored to each country) with an outside junction box.
  • Potential for installing a kitchen and bathroom.
  • Insulation that is superior to what conventional materials provide. Independent laboratories have done thermal and acoustic testing on our modules and have shown them to be at a higher level than conventional housing.
  • Reinforced steel structure.
  • Exterior galvanized steel sheets and highly insulated materials.
  • Weather-resistant materials and exterior finishes. Practically maintenance-free.
  • Meets safety codes for earthquake safety and wind loads. ISO 9001 compliant, with quality control independently certified by SGS.
  • Potential to vary the interior height of the module and the roof's angle of orientation to tailor the construction to different climates (rain, snow loads, etc.).
  • Environmentally sensitive and recyclable materials.
  • Housing designed to meet environmental codes.
  • Potential to build completely off the grid, using renewable energy sources.
  • The modularity of our building products greatly facilities their shipment, and thus their exportation from our factory in Spain.
  • Potential to dismantle and relocate the building once the purpose for which it was built has been met.
  • Ease of storage is yet another outstanding feature for these kinds of building products.
  • Extremely quick construction.
  • No skilled labour required.
  • As the manufacturers we are, we guarantee our products for a 5-year period.


Prefabricated modular construction
Prefabricated modular construction


Prefabricated modular structures for use as:

  • Housing
  • Classrooms / Schools
  • Offices
  • Camps / Base Camps
  • Hospitals and medical centres
  • Laboratories
  • Common canteens
  • Dressing rooms, bathrooms, and eco-friendly showers
Prefabricated modular construction

Prefabricated structures for use in production facilities such as:

  • Farming and annex facilities
  • Food-handling areas
  • Commercial facilities
  • Worker housing
  • Industrial warehouses
Prefabricated modular construction


Our standard technical specifications would be as follows, though there is flexibility as to the features and materials.